Weekly Swimming Pool Services

Our weekly swimming pool services are designed for the home owner who does not want the bother of expensive and difficult to use chemicals. In addition to the water chemistry maintenance, service technicians will also ensure that your filtration system is backwashed as needed and that the automatic cleaner's collection bag, pump, skimmer baskets are emptied as well. Our trained service technicians will also visually inspect your equipment weekly to ensure that all equipment parts are functioning properly and will advise you as to scheduled equipment maintenance that may be needed throughout the year.

Quarterly Salt System Maintenance Service

Many of the newer swimming pools built today are equipped with sanitation systems that utilize pure salt to automatically generate chlorine to keeping the swimming pool water clean and sanitized. However, over time these systems need to be serviced to remove scale buildup, sensor calibration, and to add additional salt to the water. Done four times a year, our quarterly salt system maintenance service ensures the system is working properly and is sanitizing your water.

  • $250.00 billed yearly.
  • Cleaning of chlorine generating cell.
  • System and sensor inspection.
  • Salt level calibration.
  • Addition of salt to the water as needed (up to 100 lbs. per quarter)

Quarterly Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) Filtration System Maintenance and Cleaning

Swimming pools that are equipped with a diatomaceous earth filtration system will need to have the grids cleaned quarterly to remove the built up dirt and debris that acuminates over time. Not only does this ensure that your filtration system works properly, it will also save you in energy and chemical usage. Done four times a year, our quarterly diatomaceous earth filtration system maintenance ensures the filtration system is working properly and is filtering debris, dirt and algae from the pool.

  • $95.00 billed quarterly.
  • Removal of dirt, sand, and debris from the filtration tank.
  • Cleaning, inspection, and replacement of grids as needed. (Replacement grids $28.00 to $45.00 each)
  • Inspection and replacement of tank O ring as needed. (Replacement O rings $22.50 to $25.00)

Semi-Annually Nature® Maintenance

Nature® is a water purification technology for swimming pools and spas that gives the purest, clearest water imaginable. Nature® products use the same minerals found in nature to trap bacteria, algae and viruses. Because Nature® traps bacteria, algae and viruses, less harsh chemicals are needed to keep your pool or spa water balanced. By using Nature®, you reduce the level of chemicals up 50% to 80% versus the chemical levels you would need without Nature®. To ensure that your Nature® is filtering properly, the filter cartridge needs to be replaced twice a year.

  • Visual inspection of plumbing, o-ring, and filtration canister for needed repairs.
  • $5.00 plus the cost of the replacement cartridge.(Please call for the current price of Nature® replacement filters.)

Swimming Pool Inspection for New Home Buyers

Aquamaid Pool Techs follows specific steps when inspecting swimming pools.

  • On arrival at the swimming pool property, the inspector looks around the general area to get an overview of the site and to observe any potential safety hazards.
  • The pool water is tested for free chlorine and pH. Free chlorine is the chlorine available to disinfect the water. pH is a measure of the acidity of the water.
  • If there is a spa (hot tub) at the property, the maximum temperature allowed is 104º Fahrenheit. There is no minimum temperature for pools or spas.
  • After recording the chemical readings on the inspection form, the pumps and filters in the mechanical room are observed. If a flow meter is present on the filter, the flow rate in gallons per minute is recorded on the report. There are specific flow rates needed to turn over the water of the pool within the required periods. In addition, the inspector verifies that the pool chemicals are being stored in a safe matter.
  • After inspecting the pump room, the inspector walks around all of the pools to look for problems or safety concerns. At the time of the walkabout he will check the stability of all ladders and handrails.
  • After completing the survey of the pool, the inspector will fill out the inspection form for the property.

Operating a Swimming Pool School (Pool School)

Aquamaid Pool Techs offers "Pool School" for those of you who would like someone to teach you how your swimming pool equipment works and how to take care of it. The following is a brief overview of the class. Please call for more information and availability.

  • $125 per session.
  • Approximately 45 minutes in length.
  • Orientation of swimming pool equipment.
    1. Backwashing filter
    2. Cleaning and vacuuming.
    3. Turning equipment on/off.
    4. Operation of spa
  • Instruction for weekly maintenance of the equipment.
  • Instructions for weekly chemical maintenance.
    1. Chlorine
    2. pH
    3. Alkalinity
    4. Cyanuric Acid


    Trained, Professional and On-Time

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    We service many home warranty companies, and we are an authorized service center for just about all of the major swimming pool equipment manufactures. Having one of the largest service repair staff in Tarrant county, we can usually offer next day service. Find out today why home owners ask for us by name knowing that the job will be done right the first time!